When you get to retirement, you now need to rely on your assets, social security, or income streams other than earned income to maintain your lifestyle.  You no longer have a paycheck, or you may have a much reduced part-time paycheck.

Creating an income plan in retirement consists of two key components: 1) Ensuring a high likelihood that you don’t run out of money during retirement, and 2) Optimizing the distributions from a multitude of sources with varying tax consequences.


MoneyGuide Pro is a third-party software tool that we utilize to assess the probability or likelihood that you won’t run out of money during your retirement. We can run multiple scenarios based on different financial goals and different market environments to assess that probability.


Calder’s proprietary income planning tool allows us to minimize taxes and build the most efficient income stream.  This tools optimizes the elections for social security, pension plans, roth IRA conversions, and withdrawals from accounts with different tax implications (HSA, Roth, pre-tax, after-tax).


Social Security can be a significant portion of one’s income in retirement, and it may be the only source of annual recurring income. Electing when to choose Social Security may be one of the most important decision of one’s retirement. For some, social security may be more of a supplemental income stream and it may serve as one of the cheapest ways to protect against longevity. The difference between the best and worst possible decision of when to elect to take your Social Security benefits could be well over $100,000 over your lifetime. Our role is to help you make an optimized election given your unique situation.


Some people still have the ability to draw from a pension plan.  You have numerous options regarding when to begin your pension and how to receive it.  Depending on your specific pension plan, taking the benefit early could be very beneficial, and other times it could significantly reduce your overall benefits.  The form of payment you choose can impact how much protection both you and your spouse have against longevity.  Our role is to help you make an optimized election given your unique situation.


For most people, withdrawing from their 401(k) and other assets will be a primary source of income in retirement. Our role is to manage your wealth and create your required income stream in an optimized manner.