As a Registered Investment Advisor, wealth management is our primary business. We manage brokerage accounts, IRA’s, 401(k) plans, HSA’s, charitable foundations, trusts, and endowment funds. We work with our clients on a fee-only basis, meaning we never sell any products nor receive any commissions of any kind. Most clients prefer we actively manage their investments for them and pay a fee based on assets managed. Some clients prefer advice-only and pay a flat annual fee.


Every investment has risk and offers potential rewards. We believe it is important to help clients evaluate their goals and risk tolerance, and to develop an investment strategy that addresses both. Investing in securities involves risk of loss that clients should be prepared to bear.

We believe that setting a target allocation and periodically re-allocating to control risk and improve tax efficiencies is an excellent strategy. Using mutual fund managers with a broad mandate that enables them to have the flexibility to invest in areas of the market with the best long-term value will maximize long-term investment returns.


Most people do not have the time, talent or desire to manage their investments. Based on individualized circumstances, our investment strategies range from completely unique and custom to using one of our Calder Wealth Strategy models.

Each Calder Wealth Strategy portfolio is established based on a specific asset allocation. Once you select an asset allocation model, Calder Investment Advisors does the rest. We handle the selection of individual investments, allocate your assets into investments with various style characteristics, rebalance the account to maintain asset allocation, and replace poor performing investments in the portfolio as is necessary.

Calder’s Momentum Wealth Strategy utilizes a portfolio of individual stocks based on our proprietary investment algorithm.